House hacking is something you can do over and over again, and it’s going to build wealth. Take it from Bryan Balducki. He became a rental property in...View Details

Jonathan Tom learned about FI at an early age and started out by investing in index funds. It took him some time to see real estate investing as an op...View Details

Noah Evans and Jeff Fawson both had rocky starts, but they hustled and found real estate in their desire to level up their lives. Now, they work toget...View Details

Mike Brockway found himself on the path to FI after buying and house hacking his first property. Because he wanted to stop working for big corporation...View Details

Today, we’re taking a slightly different route to FI, and lighting the way is serial entrepreneur Connor Gross. Instead of flipping houses, he flips o...View Details

Cody Caswell is from a third-generation real estate investing family, and he bought his first property at 16(!) years old. He hated real estate during...View Details

Paul Moore of BiggerPockets joins Craig and Zeona in today’s show to talk about his real estate journey. After a 5-year stint at Ford Motor Company, h...View Details

In 2015, Paul Thompson realized that he needed income-generating assets so he decided to try properties. He got laid off from his job in 2017, but now...View Details

Garrett Terrell is an agent at eXp Realty who became a broker in 2018, learned the ropes, and got good at selling residential real estate. At the end ...View Details

After first learning about house hacking in the fall of 2016, Jeff White closed a 4-unit property in August 2017 and got to work. Now, he has 5 house ...View Details

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