It’s never too late to start getting into real estate! Nicole Rueth first learned how to capitalize on real estate as a means to achieve FI when she was 41. Now, she has 24 investment properties under her belt, and she and her team are operating in 22 states—with plans to reach even more by next summer!

In this phenomenal episode, Nicole gives us an overview of her diverse portfolio and her goals before she retires at the age of 62, presenting the advantages of staying focused and working your way backwards. She also talks about her family and how the change in administration may affect the real estate market.

So tune in this week to learn wealth building and home financing strategies from one of Denver’s premier lenders!

Key Takeaways

  • Nicole’s journey to FI started in 2010 when she attended a John Fisher’s Breakfast Club meeting and ended up with a fourplex that she got for $425,000
  • On Fannie Mae loans
  • Humanize the landlord-tenant experience.
  • Take advantage of what’s going on in the real estate market today.
  • On selling a single-family property to get a 1031 exchange for a shopping center
  • On the Biden administration’s tax plan
  • Be cautious of what you’re buying in case you have to hold on to it
  • On failure and the importance of recovery time
  • Plan, educate yourself, but don’t wait for something to change.



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