When you know what you want, sometimes you just have to go for it. This is what Bradley Dosch did when he first learned about FI in 2019. He educated himself about real estate investing while traveling, he bought a house and got right into househacking!

This week, Brad dives into how he found his first property, the renovations he did, and how the pandemic affected his rentals. He also highlights the importance of setting expectations upfront and building rapport with people by being transparent.

First-time homebuyers should listen in because he dishes out great tips from financing your property to screening potential tenants.

Key Takeaways

  • Bradley’s mom introduced him to real estate investing but he learned more about it from BiggerPockets
  • On finding the right agent
  • His first property is a single-family house with a basement
  • On non-conforming bedrooms
  • First-time buyers of single-family homes can avail of the 3% down conventional loan
  • The pros and cons of doing rehabs yourself
  • Switching from Airbnb to long-term rentals
  • Make sure that background checks include credit score
  • His goals as a new eXp agent and his WHY
  • If you find something that you believe in or that you’re passionate about, follow it



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