We cannot stress this enough: Money is made over time in real estate—so get started today! Take it from our guest, Jacob Lapp. He started a house painting business, got his real estate license, and through house hacks, he’s achieved financial independence—and he’s only 24!

In this episode, Jacob looks back on his transition from vocational school to real estate investing. He also talks about his properties, how he found them, what renovations he made, and the mistakes that he learned from as a landlord.

From lowering the purchase price through different methods to dealing with difficult tenants, tune in for some really helpful tips especially if you’re just starting out.

Key Takeaways

  • Jacob started a house painting business while attending trade school
  • He learned about FI after discovering real estate investing and getting licensed
  • He househacked his first property, a $280,000 triplex
  • On buying your own deals as a real estate agent
  • Jacob found BiggerPockets and was better equipped by the time he got his second property, a duplex, in the middle of the pandemic
  • Why he decided not to pull permits for his properties
  • Jacob’s advice on skillset building
  • Zeona’s advice on buying used cars



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