People who start getting into real estate usually do so after learning about FI. It was the other way around for Mindy Jensen. She first heard about FI from her husband, Carl, but she had been doing live-in flips before she even met him. Now, she’s a community manager on BiggerPockets and the co-host of the BiggerPockets Money podcast.

In the previous episode, Carl revealed how he and his wife worked together to achieve FI. Tune in this week for Mindy’s side of the story—cute anecdotes about her husband and their kids, the trajectory of her career, and some insightful tips on real estate and personal finance.

Key Takeaways

  • On William Bengen’s 4% rule
  • Track your spending (and gamify it into a fun habit!)
  • Mindy’s live-in flipping career started with a “shockingly ugly” condo 
  • Why paying rent is like throwing away money
  • On transferring to a better neighborhood, being a stay-at-home mom, and then having not just one but two fulfilling careers
  • How the COVID pandemic affected the Jensens’ lifestyle
  • The best real estate advice Mindy has ever gotten



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