Matt Nora is all about taking action. After working in accounting for 2 years and realizing that it didn’t make him happy, he moved out to Denver. Determined to make it as a broker, he slept on a mattress in an unfinished basement for about a year. After getting his first property, he immediately househacked it—during the pandemic!

Matt looks back on how he got into real estate and met Craig. He breaks down the steps that he took to close his first deal and rent the rooms out. He also shares a horror story about an aggressive tenant.

Sometimes, you can make money in odd situations. Stay tuned until the end because Zeona and Craig offer advice on running Airbnbs and doing house hacks. 

Key Takeaways

  • Matt worked briefly in sales before transitioning to commercial real estate
  • He often listened to BiggerPockets and happened to hear Craig while he was on the lookout for another place to live
  • His first property is a 3-bedroom with 2-bedroom accessory dwelling unit (ADU) attached 
  • The pros and cons of Airbnbs
  • How to pass an appraisal
  • What Matt learned after making a rookie mistake with a tenant
  • The power of debt
  • On the fear of failure versus the fear of regret



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