If you’re in it for the long haul, it’s possible to be financially independent through real estate even without being an aggressive investor!

Wayne Loux first discovered FI in high school. But in college, he learned more about buy-and-hold, started crunching the numbers, and got licensed in 2007. He and his college roommate-turned-business partner house hacked their first property (before house hacking was even a thing!), and they have worked on several properties since then. Now, he has 12 doors under his belt and 4 more deals in the works!

In today’s show, Wayne talks about that very first house hack, how they closed and then renovated it. He also explains some of the financing strategies he utilized for his other properties, offering advice for people who are interested in buy-and-hold.

Key Takeaways

  • On Wayne’s “for real” deal
  • What he learned from the crash of 2008
  • On vacation home loans and 203(k) loans
  • On diving into certain markets and catering to different tenants
  • Wayne’s plan for his real estate portfolio
  • How COVID affected his rentals
  • Just get started and find your niche within the industry because the rewards are going to be worth it!



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