Paul Moore of BiggerPockets joins Craig and Zeona in today’s show to talk about his real estate journey. After a 5-year stint at Ford Motor Company, he became a serial entrepreneur and then a commercial real estate developer. Now, he is a managing partner at Wellings Capital, a podcast host, and an author.

Paul goes a little bit into his books “The Perfect Investor” and “Storing Up Profits” as he explains why he jumped from residential to commercial real estate investing. He weighs in on the pandemic, triple net leases, and even offers marriage advice. Tune in until the very end for an interesting story on how he gave(!) his way out of a $2.5-million debt.

Key Takeaways

  • An overview of Paul Moore’s “dumb” business ideas
  • Investing versus speculating
  • About Paul’s first real estate deal
  • His commercial real estate value formula
  • On commercial-grade multifamily properties, k-shaped recovery, and triple net leases
  • What inspired Paul to become a valuable resource for investors
  • His WHY is to help end human trafficking
  • Figure out your WHY, get in the habit of giving, and enjoy the journey to FI



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