Cody Caswell is from a third-generation real estate investing family, and he bought his first property at 16(!) years old. He hated real estate during his college years but found his way back after interning as a commercial insurance broker. Now, he is 24 years old with a residential contractor license and 14 units under his belt.

In this episode, Cody walks us through his childhood and the life lessons that he learned from his dad. He breaks down the numbers for his true “for real” deal and his strategy for BRRRRs. He also offers advice for people who want to replicate his success.

Strap in for insight from an investor who started young and did things right!

Key Takeaways

  • Cody learned at an early age that he could create his own wealth
  • His first property was a mobile home which he purchased with his life savings
  • The beauty of real estate is that there are a lot of ways to become successful, but it all depends on the goals or the lifestyle that you want to achieve
  • How Cody found and funded his 8-unit apartment complex
  • How he got into flips and what he looks for in BRRRR deals
  • How you carry yourself matters more than your age
  • Focus on building your first bridge to the island of success



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