Mike Brockway found himself on the path to FI after buying and house hacking his first property. Because he wanted to stop working for big corporations, he quit his W-2 the same day he closed his second property. Now, he is a full-time real estate investor and business owner.

In this episode, Mike breaks down his first three residential investment properties and his events business. He also talks about his brief stint with “Top Chef: Colorado”, how he saved up on taxes, and the opportunities his business has opened up for him.

Key Takeaways

  • Mike started an events business with his friends but is now running it by himself
  • About Globeville, Denver and the duplex that Mike purchased for around $300,000
  • How he found good tenants
  • On 1099s and S corporations
  • Mike’s plans to scale through residential properties and become a passive investor
  • How he managed his events business after COVID hit
  • Be willing to take a step back, to take two steps forward or to create success for yourself
  • His biggest WHY is to give back to the unfortunate



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