Noah Evans and Jeff Fawson both had rocky starts, but they hustled and found real estate in their desire to level up their lives. Now, they work together as the owners of Tree City Home Buyers and the hosts of the Chasing Freedom podcast.

In this episode, Jeff and Noah look back on their “for real” deals and how they ended up becoming business partners. They drop plenty of gold nuggets on being resourceful and finding a mentor, stressing the importance of taking action and being consistent.

Key Takeaways

  • How Jeff and Noah first learned about FI
  • Jeff turned a misfortunate experience with a contractor into an opportunity to learn construction and become a project manager
  • The hate Noah felt for his corporate job fueled him to start wholesaling
  • The advantages of working with wholesalers
  • Make sure you can add value when looking for a mentor
  • Find ways to get something done instead of focusing on why it can’t be done
  • Intellectual capital + relationship capital = financial capital



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