Jonathan Tom learned about FI at an early age and started out by investing in index funds. It took him some time to see real estate investing as an option, but once he did, he bought his first property (just last April!) and househacked it.

In this episode, Jonathan walks us through his journey as a medical student-turned-doctor and part-time investor. He breaks down how he acquired a house and rehabbed it into a cash-flowing property, highlighting the importance of adding value. He also shares tips so that you can have smaller utility bills.

Key Takeaways

  • Jonathan’s take on money versus Dave Ramsey’s and Robert Kiyosaki’s
  • On physician’s loans and the 2 different kinds of credit
  • Why Jonathan picked the house that he is currently renting by the room
  • His goals for the near future
  • Put yourself in a market where there is appreciation and figure out creative ways to get cash flow
  • Jonathan’s passion is to help people through healthcare but his WHY is to keep his wife happy
  • On the Energy Savings Program and the Emergency Broadband Benefit



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