Joining Craig and Zeona on the show today is JohnEFinance from TikTok! He has a degree in finance but only got high on FI after listening to a couple of podcasts, BiggerPockets included. Just a year after graduating, he was able to save enough money to close his first property.

John explains how he pulled off his first house hack during the pandemic. He discusses financing strategies, the advantages of being a homeowner, and other tips for first-time home buyers. Tune in until the end because John also reveals how he became viral on TikTok.

Key Takeaways

  • John learned more about personal finance and real estate investing by leaning into the FI community
  • John got a job and lived frugally for a year to drum up $25,000 for his first househack
  • On Home Possible conventional loans and FHA loans
  • The perks of working from home and not having roommates
  • On turnkeys versus BRRRRs
  • John’s plans on getting a second property in 2021
  • His tips on making engaging TikTok videos
  • How he makes money through Tiktok
  • His advice for people who are just starting out: start somewhere!
  • The pain of discipline hurts less than the pain of regret



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