After first learning about house hacking in the fall of 2016, Jeff White closed a 4-unit property in August 2017 and got to work. Now, he has 5 house hacks and is a member of the FI Team—all while holding down his W-2 job!

In this episode, Jeff walks us through his bumpy start, how he dealt with tenants who were on a tourist visa, and his transition from multifamily to single-family homes. If you’re an aspiring house hacker, stick around because he shares tips and presents the advantages of not quitting your day job too early.

Key Takeaways

  • On Jeff’s first property (which had a purchase price of $630,000) and the FHA self-sufficiency test
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on just one type of investment for house hacking
  • On reverse lifestyle creep and Section 8 tenants
  • Jeff’s advice on turnkey properties versus something that needs rehab
  • How he financed his investment properties
  • His goals are to switch to property management and have at least 8 house hacks
  • His advice on looking at the big picture and staying consistent



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