Today, we’re taking a slightly different route to FI, and lighting the way is serial entrepreneur Connor Gross. Instead of flipping houses, he flips online businesses! He co-founded the Cardly wallet when he was a college freshman. Now, he works full-time on what used to be just side hustles, and he is the co-host of The Next Generation Podcast.

In this episode, Connor weighs in on the two paths of e-commerce: reselling products and creating new products. He goes through the process of starting an online store, sharing some of his strategies for pricing, social responsibility, branding, and platforms like Shopify and Amazon. 

So if you’re looking to start a side hustle, this is the episode for you!

Key Takeaways

  • How Connor learned about FI and transitioned from stocks to e-commerce
  • On pricing products right and thinking of end use
  • Tap into existing demand or create a demand for your product
  • The advantages and disadvantages of selling on Shopify and Amazon
  • How much time and money you need to sell your first product
  • How Connor started and sold his first business and how he acquired other businesses (during the pandemic!)
  • How he evaluates blogs and content providers
  • On time management and work-life balance



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